7 Things Every New Dog Owner Should Know

When you think about getting a new dog, you tend to think about all the fun you’re going to have, the play dates and how stinking cute it’s going to be. But, when you finally get the puppy, you realize that it takes a lot more effort and work than you originally thought. Don’t worry! That is an understandable feeling. Puppies are hard work, but it is entirely worth it.

We are here to help! Here are just a few tips that you should know after you bring home your new furry best friend.

Let Your New Pup Sleep In Your Bedroom

Think about what you would have done as a child if you were brought to a new place with new people and new smells and then put in the laundry or living room when it got dark. You would probably freak out, right? Your cute new puppy has no idea what is going on for those first few weeks. Get it a crate and let it sleep in your room so you can provide comfort if needed.

Get A Crate

On the topic of crates, get your puppy one! He might need to spend some time alone to adjust to his surroundings. He may be incredibly cute, and you both just want to play all day, but give him a short break to breathe.

Supervise Him!

Puppies are going to want to get into anything and everything as they scope out their surroundings. Make sure your pup doesn’t get into anything that will harm it or get lost when you take it outside.

Take Potty Breaks Often!

Puppies aren’t known for having strong enough bladders to go hours without a break. So take a play break and let it run around outside for a bit and relieve itself.


Your puppy is bound to get on your nerves eventually. Be patient with the little guy; he is learning, growing and doesn’t know better. Have enough patience to train it while it’s young so that you aren’t dealing with a grown dog trying to jump, bite, etc. Enjoy the puppy stage; it doesn’t last long.

Train Your Dog

By training your new dog, you are teaching it good behavior and building a bond with it. You are establishing dominance and setting a standard of behavior for the pup. Don’t expect results right away though; it is still a baby.

Exercise Him

Puppies seem to have endless amounts of energy. Make sure to exercise them frequently so that they aren’t overly naughty because they have too much energy. It’s a win-win; you both get some good exercise!

We could list a million of helpful tips and tricks, but you don’t want read this forever! Go play with your puppy and have fun. Do you have any advice for new fellow puppy owners? We would love to hear from you!

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