3 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog

Whether you decide to train your dog yourself or enroll in one of our training programs, it is essential that your dog receive some training. Your pup needs to be taught basic obedience rules and tricks to live a fun-filled life.

These are just a few more of the many different reasons why you should train your dog.

1. Training makes a better companion.

As you train your furry friend, they become more behaved in most situations, allowing you to take them more places and spend time together. As you dedicate the time to train, you can also better understand your dog’s needs and how to help them best. As well, they also learn to recognize and obey your voice and see you as an authority figure.

2. Your pup learns social skills.

Your pup has to learn quality social skills to be a friendly older dog. As they get used to other people and dogs, they will be calmer in what could be stressful situations. The more sociable they are, the more fun it is for everyone to have puppy play dates where everyone gets along.

3. Safety

When your dog learns to sit, stay and stop, they can be prevented from running into traffic, eating something they aren’t supposed to or jumping on someone that could fall over and be injured.

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No matter the breed of your dog, we can train him or her to be a productive member of the doggie society. We were founded to meet the socialization and training needs for the dogs of Northern Virginia. Whether your new dog needs beginner training, your older dog needs to learn some new tricks, or a disobedient dog needs some help, we are here to offer the best training they could receive. Give us a call at 703-779-1333.

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