Why Obedience Classes Are Good For Your Puppy

Obedience school is an excellent way to encourage good behavior in your young dog. While it’s recommended that you start training your puppy between 8-12 weeks, most people start around 6-12 months. It is best to start early so that your puppy learns good behavior before they start misbehaving.

You might think that obedience school isn’t worth it and that you will train your dog yourself, but life can get busy. It can be challenging to set aside the time to train your dog instead of just cuddling or playing with him. By the time you finally get around to it, they are probably already acting up. By taking them to obedience school, a professional is teaching you and your dog and making the process a little easier.

If you aren’t sure what professional training will teach your dog, here are a few things.

    To come when called
    To not jump when new people come over
    Increased and improved social skills with people and other dogs
    Sit and stay
    Name recognition
    Walking on a leash without pulling
    Problem-solving for jumping, barking, begging, etc.

All of the lessons your dog will learn are important ones to make your dog a good member of your family. If you have small children, training is also a good idea to prevent your pup from accidentally getting too excited and knocking your baby down or playing too rough.

As you continue training your dog at home, remember that positive reinforcement is the most recommend training method. Eventually rewarding your dog with treats will move to only praise.

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