Festivities are just around the corner, and you may be wondering what you can paws-sibly get for your loved ones. Of course, that includes your little four-footed buddy! Pups are easy to please! Even an empty carton can make your puppy joyous and playful. But how about getting your puppy something that is really valuable to them?

While your puppies may not be quite as vocal about their wishes, you can still find out their needs and likings! Here are some of the perfect gifts that will have your furry partner wagging their tail and bouncing with joy.

A Gift Of Warmth

  • No wonder a cozy hug is the best way to give your pooch the warmth and care he or she loves. However, you can’t keep your buddy there forever, even if you want to!
  • Instead, look for a heated pet bed, dog blanket, dog sweater, or a dog jacket made by good quality materials to keep your pup warm and protected against the winter chill. You can also get a heated pet carrier that allows you to take your puppy on a ride, regardless of the cold weather.

A Gift Of Connection

  • Install a wifi-enabled speed dial in your home and stay connected with your little friend even when you’re away from home. You will not only be able to watch over your pet, but you’ll also help your puppy feel less gloomy without you at the same time!
  • Small puppies are adventurous and can slip out of the house without you noticing them. Get a GPS pet tracker collar for your puppy to ensure that he or she doesn’t ever get lost!

A Gift Of Fun

  • Finding a gift that is both safe and fun for your puppy isn’t too difficult. Small puppies tend to nip on anything they can since it is the time when their baby teeth are falling out. To help your puppy make it through this teething phase smoothly, a range of dog toys and chews are available on the market that can soothe your puppy’s sore gums.
  • However, look for toys that do not shred and are safe for your pup to play with. No-stuffing plush toys, glow balls, bully sticks, chew toys, rope toys, and many other options are available. Your puppy is sure to enjoy any of them!

A Gift Of Tasty Treats

  • We all love holiday treats – and so does your little pooch. Find a gourmet bakery and give your pet tantalizing grain-free cookies and holiday-themed biscuits. You can also choose from candy cane dog treats and many other organic treats available on the market.

A Gift Of Grooming & Fashion

  • Want your puppy to stand out in the park by looking cuter and more adorable than all the others? Go for a puppy grooming set that includes good quality shampoo and brush(es). A grooming set will get your puppy spruced up in no time. Once your puppy is all clean, dress them in a cute handmade hat and scarf so they’re all ready for Christmas out on the town!

A Gift Of Utility

  • A dog bowl water bottle is a must have to ensure your puppy stays adequately hydrated when you are out. This bottle’s cap comes in the shape of a bowl that makes it easy for your puppy to drink water from it.
  • If it happens to snow or rain where you live, a pet umbrella will keep your pet safe. Its leash has an umbrella at its other end that keeps your pet dry and moving regardless of the weather.
  • After a long hard day, help your puppy soothe his or her sore muscles with a hand-held pet massager to help them feel happy and relaxed! 

A gift is a way to say “I love you.” This Christmas, show love to your dog, and they’ll love you even more!