Christmas is almost here! No doubt it is an exciting time for you and your family to come together and enjoy the festivities. However, you must not forget that all the hustle and bustle can easily frighten your puppy and make them uncomfortable. It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your loved ones (including your cute, little puppy!) are having no issues enjoying Christmas and having a good time!

Now the question is- how would you do that? Of course, it is anything but easy to keep your furry partner in good spirits while tending to your guests simultaneously. No worries! Here are a few tips to help you keep your puppy safe this holiday season!

Go For A Dog-Friendly Decor

You can be as creative as you want when decorating your home. However, keep in mind your pup’s well-being too. Some common decoration items such as poinsettias and fake candy canes can be very harmful to your dog. Because of this, it is best to avoid them entirely for a dog-friendly Christmas decor!

Groom Your Puppy For Celebrations

With guests visiting your place, it is not only your first impression that counts. Your puppy needs to appear good too! By giving your pup a complete holiday groom, you can ensure that your pup not only looks their absolute best in front of your guests but impress them as well.

Give Your Pup A Safe Corner

No matter how jolly and friendly your puppy is, they are bound to get tired with all the noise and bustle going around. The best way to let your four-pawed friend rejuvenate is by providing them with a safe space to retreat to. It can be anywhere – under your bed, a kennel, or a certain, cozy corner in your home!

Introduce Your Puppy To Guests

While many dogs are friendly enough to get comfortable with people, others can easily get intimidated and prefer to avoid them. You can put your pet in a separate room and let the guests greet them individually to make it less overwhelming for your pup.

Supervise Your Puppy

Make sure that you keep an eye on your dog all the time! This is to keep your pup away from any human food or drink that may endanger their health and well-being. Also, if there are children in your home, teach them not to feed anything to your pup.

Maintain The Routine

Stick to your normal routine, even during festivities. Walk your pup every morning, go to a park once in a while, take time to pet and pamper your pup. Your pup won’t understand why their walk is getting skipped and might end up on the naughty list by the end of the season.

Measured Meals For Your Pup

It is easy to get busy with the celebration,but make sure that you keep track of what you are feeding to your pup. Divide their food into portions. Use a measuring cup to give a definite amount of food to help them stay at their optimum health.

Gift Your Puppy A Toy

Christmas is truly incomplete without gifts! Pamper your furry buddy by gifting them a unique and useful toy. You can buy them a toy like a frisbee or a chew bone. The toy will keep your pup engaged while you will be busy tending to your guests!

Keep A Vet’s Number Handy

It is not unusual for veterinary doctors to adjust their schedule during holiday hours. One of the best things that you can do is to stop by a vet and keep a copy of your pup’s updated records, in case an emergency strikes.

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