For every dog lover, welcoming a new dog into your home is similar to welcoming a new family member. It is a rewarding experience that comes with a lot of responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

The best way to go about it is by doing proper research about the nature and temperament of dogs before taking them in. This becomes especially important when you have kids at home. Keep in mind that some dogs like to be around older kids and adults, while others are more friendly with little ones.

To help you choose your perfect dog, we have created a list of the best dog breeds that are known for being good family dogs. Here you go!

1) Retriever
There is a reason why Retrievers have remained the most popular dogs for decades. Whether we talk about Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers, the breed has garnered a reputation for being extremely lovable, enthusiastic, and intelligent. There is nothing that makes a Retriever happier than showing off his skills and tagging along with his owner on his day-to-day activities. Sweet-tempered and exuberant, Retrievers are the loyal BFFs that your kids will love and cherish!

2) Beagle
Looking for a cute, doe-eyed dog that can keep you company and entertain you with his silly, over-the-top antics? Then a Beagle might be perfect for you! Often small sized, Beagles can be a bit of a high maintenance pet with all the brushing and grooming they need. However, this doesn’t stop them from taking to the outdoors and playing all day long, making amazing playmates for kids.

3) Bulldog
A bulldog’s innocent eyes and wrinkled mug might convince you that there is no better dog for you than him. And let us tell you there is no deception behind this. Bulldogs are indeed a very friendly, devoted, and loyal breed that gets along well with everyone, be it human or other pets. If you are a family that tends to have social gatherings every now and then, then a pleasant mannered Bulldog is just what you need!

4) Newfoundland
The best thing about Newfoundland dogs is that they love kids. Newfoundlands are gentle giants who excel at swimming and know how to be a good nanny for children whenever they need. In fact, it is their gentle and watchful nature that has earned them the name ‘Nature’s Babysitter’. Newfoundlands best suit a family that has large open spaces, as they tend to drool and shed a lot.

5) Poodle
You must have seen Poodles in a lot of movies featuring their fancy haircuts and nuanced mannerism. Despite their dramatic appearance, Poodles happen to be very smart and gentle dogs and are great for kids with allergies (they shed very little). Available in both miniature and standard sizes, you can get a Poodle puppy that best matches your surroundings!

6) Collie
Remember the classic “Lassie” dog? Collie breed offers you a variety of options to choose from – including Border Collies and Bearded Collies. They are soft-natured dogs that are rarely misbehaved and can be trained easily. This makes them perfect for families that have never had a dog before.

7) German Shepherd
German Shepherds are their masters’ true pets. They are both intelligent and hardworking and can be extremely protective when needed. They are also courageous, making them a reliable choice to assist people with disabilities and service organizations. But don’t get it wrong! German Shepherds are equally homely beings who would play with your kids and take care of them in your absence.

8) Yorkshire Terrier
Devoted companions, “Yorkies” are another popular dog breed in America. Since they are small and need little maintenance, they make for amazing pets to keep in condos and small apartments. Yorkshire Terriers can be little feisty at times, but overall they are energetic and brave and offer good company.

Hope this list has made your hunt for pet dogs a little simpler. If you need more information on dogs, feel free to visit us at Dog Day Afternoon anytime!