As a pet parent, you may want to give your furry friend great dog walks but get discouraged due to the unruly behavior on your dog’s part! Whether it is the daily hustle of putting a leash on your dog or any other offending behavior, the dog walks may start to feel like a chore rather than a fun activity. Here are a few amazing tips that can help eliminate all such issues and build a healthy relationship between you and your pooch!

Tip 1. Help Your Dog Overcome Its Dislike For The Leash

If it is your dog’s first time going out and it shows strong aversion towards the leash, don’t hustle! Allow your pet some time to accept and get comfortable with this new situation. Start putting a leash on your dog at home and continue this activity till your little friend isn’t afraid of the leash anymore!

Tip 2. Use A Front Clip Harness To Stop Your Dog From Pulling

You would be surprised to know that a wrong leash can actually trigger your dog’s pulling behavior. Dog collars that require the harnesses to be clipped at the back just become a thing of fun for your pet. He feels that he can make his slow companion move according to his pace by pulling on the leash. You can prevent getting dragged along the leash and instead make your dog walk calmly by your side using a front clip harness. This kind of harness also helps with your dog’s training. When you pull the leash to take control over your dog, this doesn’t direct his attention towards you, and hence, this doesn’t trigger all those troublesome behaviors.

Tip 3. Allow Your Dog Some Liberty During The Walks

Being mindful of your dog’s behavior, happiness, safety, and comfort are as important as proper feeding and grooming. Not only should you allow your adorable pooch a little liberty of sniffing around but should also give him comfortable breaks to attend natural calls! Sniffing the surroundings provide your pet with information as well as mental stimulation. It’s is also proven that such activities are essential for your dog’s wellbeing.

Tip 4. Always Carry Plenty Of Water Bottles And Treats

According to the weather outside and the duration of the walks, carry enough water bottles so that your dog stays hydrated. Unlike humans, maintaining healthy body temperature is harder for dogs, and so they need more water at frequent intervals of time. Besides, the dog’s consistent panting also gets him quickly dehydrated, especially during the hot and humid days. Also, don’t forget to take along his favorite treats to attract his attention, make him abide by your orders, and improve his dog walking skills through tasty rewards.

Tip 5. Never Use A Retractable Leash During The Outdoor Dog Walks

If you don’t want your dog to be prancing about in excitement while you run after to get hold of him, shun the retractable leash. A retractable leash gives you less control over your dog, which increases the chances of you or your dog running into any danger during your dog walks.

Tip 6. Always Clean Up Your Dog Poop

Cleaning up your dog poop doesn’t only mean fulfilling your moral obligation as a good neighbor, but it is also a part of your dog’s potty training. Moreover, this is important as dog poop can cause some serious health concerns for both people and pets. Hence, always pick up your pet waste and help keep your surroundings clean for everyone else.

Tip 7. Make Your Pet Wear An ID On Every Dog Walk

The world outside your home is unsafe and unpredictable, and an ID can help if anything goes wrong! You can personalize an ID to have all the necessary details and contact information and attach it to your dog’s collar. Also, make sure that the information on the identification card is always up-to-date.

Tip 8. Take Permission Before Approaching Other People With Pets

On your dog walks, you’ll come by other pets too but remember that not all of them welcome other pets or people around. They can become aggressive if anyone comes in their proximity. Some sensitive dogs can also get possessive of their owners and don’t like strangers associating with them. Hence for the safety of your dog and yours, always be mindful of such pet walkers and take a detour if you sense something dangerous about any dog!

Do you need help with your daily dog walks? Or is your pup so aggressive that he or she needs professional training? Dog Day Afternoon would be happy to help your furry friend develop healthy behavior and habits. Call us today at 703-779-1333 to learn what all we can do for you and your pooch!