It’s another busy day. You have got errands to run, you need to drop your kids off to school, and let’s not forget, there is a lot to do at work as well. If this hectic routine is not enough to drive you crazy, you have got another thing to take care of – your new pup!

For most people, bringing a new dog home can prove to be quite a handful, at least in the beginning. Not only do these little furry beings bring a lot of joy and happiness home, but a sense of responsibility as well. They need to be adequately trained, from potty breaks to eating to bedtime.

If you want a well-adjusted dog, get your pet on the schedule from today! In this blog, we are going to discuss the significance of a routine and how it helps your dog be on his best behavior. We are also going to share a few tips, so keep reading!

Why Is Routine And Consistency Important For Dogs?

We all know that dogs are creatures of habit. A set routine makes them comfortable, as they know what to expect from their environment, including both safety and food. They recognize that they have steady access to water, regular meals, daily exercise, and loving care and support. Knowing that they are safe in their new home helps them open up, have a positive outlook on life, and settle in quickly.

Such routines are also key to successful training. By providing your dog with outdoor potty opportunities, you will be able to anticipate when he is going to eliminate and prevent indoor potty accidents.

However, make sure to mix up your dog’s routine every so often. Many dogs who have or develop separation anxiety become extremely aware of their daily schedule. Any changes in that routine – for example, you coming home late one evening – can trigger anxiety and panic in such pets. It is better to implement a daily structure instead of a regular regime.

Let your dog know that he will be fed once you are home. And subsequently, he will be taken for a walk, even if it’s not at a specific time. The structure of feeding him after your arrival and then taking him outdoors after his meal will help you establish a steady structure.

Tips To Help Your Puppy Establish His Routine

Feeding Routine
Make sure that you feed your dog around the same time every day. Feed him high-quality food after consulting a trusted vet. A proper diet is not only beneficial for his mental and emotional well-being but also helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism. For most adult dogs, two meals a day is good enough. Pups should be fed three times a day.

Toileting And Exercising Routine
Keep an eye on the cues your dog provides when he is hungry or needs to pee. For example, wagging his tails or running in circles. Take your dog out to discharge in the same surroundings at least every 4-6 hours. Depending on your dog’s size, breed, and age, you can also plan an exercise regime for him. If your dog is hyperactive, make sure to increase his physical exercise by including activities like long leash walks, retrieve games, and easy brain games and challenges. They will keep him busy and satisfied for the entire day.

Resting Routine
Make resting an essential part of your dog’s routine. Start with waking him up and putting him to sleep at the same time. Also, let him have his own downtime (preferably in a quiet area), so that he can relax for a while. Add a soft bed, a crate, and a few accessories to make him feel at home!

If your dog is suffering from anxiety and needs special care, our experts at Dog Day Afternoon will help you. Feel free to get in touch for any advice or guidance.