When it comes to training a pet, it is always a good idea to start with the basics. Sitting can easily be the first command you can teach your dog, given that it is simple and comes handy in many situations. A dog who knows how to sit on command will hardly misbehave while doing it, and this will help you keep him in control in almost any situation – while crossing roads, using cashpoints, or meeting new people.

You must also remember that the training process helps in establishing a sincere and affectionate relationship between you and your pet, so it is important to start off on the right foot (or in your dog’s case, paw!).

Here are a few effective tips to help you train your dog to sit on cue!

How To Teach Your Dog To Sit?

Do The Preparations
If you start training your dog right away, it will not only take him longer to learn the cue, but the process may end up exhausting you as well. It is better to prepare beforehand so that the training goes smoothly for both of you.

● First things first, choose a quiet and calm place, such as your living room or any other area indoors, for the training. This will reduce any possibility of distractions or interruptions.
● Keep rewards ready to give to your dog and these should be something your furry friend really enjoys. Small treats work really well in training, as they can be consumed quickly.

Choose A Suitable Training Method
Although there are several methods of teaching a dog how to sit, two of them are the most popular – lure training and clicker training.

Lure Training

● Take a treat between your thumb and index finger and hold it close to your dog’s nose.
● Now that you have your dog’s attention, slowly move your hand up to hold the treat above his head.
● Wait for a few seconds to let your dog lift his head to nibble at the treat. This will make him put his bottom on the floor, and as soon as he does that, say ‘Sit’ to help him recognize the cue word for the sitting position. Finally, give him the treat.
● Repeat this process until your dog learns to sit on cue. Praise and reward him with a treat every time he gets the cue right.

Clicker Training

● With clicker training, you shape a natural behavior in your dog. You do this by letting him do his own thing and then reward him for an action you like.
● Whenever you observe your dog sitting on his own volition, mark his behavior with an affirmation, such as ‘yes’ or ‘sit’. You can also use a clicker for this process.
● If your dog is not following the command properly, use a food lure to mark the behavior.

Be Patient And Let Your Dog Adapt
Make sure to train your dog several times a day. Patience is the key here. Some dogs learn faster than others, but you must remain gentle with your pet throughout the process. Eventually, he will pick up on the cue and start sitting on command. Remember, never yell at your dog or force him to sit.

A Few Other Tips

● If your dog moves backward whenever you command him to sit, try doing the exercise next to a wall.
● Train your dog in different places around your home and outdoors too.
● Don’t reward your dog when you didn’t ask him to sit.
● If your dog is very energetic, train him after a meal or when he is relaxed.

If you need any help in teaching your dog how to sit, get in touch with Dog Day Afternoon. Our experienced trainers can train your dog and help him become a good family member. Call us today at 703-779-1333!