As the spring season starts to roll in, it’s not only humans that look forward to coming out of the hibernation and spending the springtime outdoors. Your canine friends are also up for some frolic! Winter can be overwhelming for both you and your dog. However, the spring season brings some respite. You can now spend time together in the sun and do all those activities that were not an option due to the frigid weather. Moreover, there is no cuter and more fun partner than your pooch when you are looking forward to spending a playful, activity-packed spring season.

Your furry baby also needs some exercise to break out of boredom and avoid getting into destructive behavior. Here is a list of some great springtime activities to make your summer exciting.

1. Go For A Walk Or On Shopping Together

On your next shopping spree or evening walk with your pup, make pit-stops at nearby dog-friendly shops and cafes where your pet doesn’t have to wait for you outside. Look for pet supply stores and restaurants, cafes, or patios that welcome both humans and their dogs. This way, you can make your outing more enjoyable for your furry friend.

2. Add Some Water Fun

Most dogs absolutely enjoy playing in the water, whether it is in your backyard pool or on a beach. You can even go on a hiking trail or embark upon exploring a river in or outside of your city together. Don’t forget to carry a frisbee to help your pup spend some time splashing and playing chase and fetch in the water. Pack the essentials, like a towel, for your dog too!

3. Plan A Camping Vacation With Your Pup

You can’t find a better co-pilot for your camping vacation than your dog. So, instead of putting your dog in doggie daycare, let him or her tag along. Dogs of all breeds and sizes can take advantage of a camping trip, as exploring the new area will be stimulating for your pup. You can even plan this vacation together with your other dog-parent friends and let them also bring their pets along.

4. Break A Sweat Together

When you and your pooch have been home for a long time, cabin fever can take over, especially during this COVID-19 situation when movement is restricted. Work out together and go for a jog in the vicinity. Hitting the pavement together or heading to any dog-friendly parks for workouts can be a great idea. If you have a spacious backyard or garden, you can schedule your little gym session there too!

5. Let Your Pup Off The Leash

Your dog may enjoy some freedom in the spring season. If you live in a pet-friendly apartment, you can utilize the dedicated off-leash area in the building to let your dog have a good run and exercise. You can also look up some beaches or parks that allow you to take the leash off your pet. Carry along some fun chasing toys, like a frisbee or tennis ball, for your dog to play with. This outdoor exercise will also allow your pet to freely interact with other dogs. However, quickly take control if he or she looks scared or gets aggressive.

6. Invest In Some Fun Training Exercise

If your pet is still a little puppy or a grown-up lacking healthy behavior, it is important to help him learn small commands, like stand, sit, stay put, and lie down. In case your pet is well-versed with these basic commands and shows healthy behavior, you can take it a step further and get competitive. You can make him learn to be a helping hand with any sick member of your family or teach him activities like jumping through hoops or making way through obstacles.

You can look online for competitive courses for your dog or just partner with Dog Day Afternoon in Leesburg, VA, to design a course for your puppy or dog. Get ready to get competitive with your pet by partnering with our expert dog trainers. Call us at 703-779-1333 today!