Pooches and water frequently go together like children and candy, mainly breeds like Poodles, Labrador Retriever, Boykin Spaniel, Irish Setter, and more. Regardless of whether you live close to water or have a pool in your patio, consider these exercises and water games for mutts to keep your dog overjoyed (and cool) throughout the summer season:

Activities for the backyard

Nothing is more comfortable and accessible than your lawn. Odds are this is a favorite hangout of your pooch already, and there are no leash laws or rules to stress over other than the ones you set yourself. At the point when the long days of summer become boring, there’s a simple formula to liven things up: simply add water.

Bring some hard-wearing dog toys, a kiddie pool, a lawn sprinkler or hose, and some towels.

Play amongst the sprinklers – Connect a sprinkler to your garden hose and let your dog romp through. Don’t be surprised if he/she assaults the sprinkler itself!

Use a hose – No sprinkler available? No worries, as you can get a similar effect by attaching a spray nozzle to your existing garden hose. Use it to have some water fun with your dog on a hot and humid summer afternoon.

Play water tag – Pursue your little guy around the lawn with your water gun. Give him or her chances to grab the streams midair, just like a frisbee.

Fun in a kiddie pool – Fill up the kiddie pool with water and let your pooch hop in and out, however, as much as he or she wants.

Activities at the pool

Water-adoring mutts go ga-ga over pools. Furthermore, if you don’t have a pool in your backyard, try finding a nearby dog-friendly facility. Bring waterproof toys, clean water to drink, a bowl for drinking, doggie life vest, and a ramp for assistance to climb out of the pool.

Swimming – Even though swimming comes to dogs naturally, small puppies or older dogs, as well as pooches with no experience in swimming, must be made to wear a life vest for extra safety.

Diving in – Experienced swimmers will appreciate diving directly in the deeper end of the pool. Throw a toy into the water and watch him or her follow it.

Play fetch – Toss a frisbee or ball out over the pool and watch your dog catch it without letting it hit the water.

Relax and rest – After he or she is done playing, your dog would love to relax by simply floating around in the pool. Invest in a pool float for your furry friend so that he or she can relax in the water comfortably.

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