Socializing is an activity that dogs love and is very important for the well-rounded development of your pet. No creature is an island, and they deserve the company of other animals like themselves, to feel wholesome and to make friends. Neglecting to allow your dog to interact with other dogs can lead to maturity problems and make the dog’s behavior unstable around human beings and other animals. To help your canine grow into a healthy adult, we offer a few tips and ways of making your pet interact with other dogs, or animals, of different breeds. This is completely natural, so if, as a dog owner, you have any doubts in your mind about the reasons for socializing your dog with other pets, we give you the top 3 reasons for doing so!

1. Great way to release pent up energy

Dogs love to romp around the park with other dogs. This behavior stimulates your pet to run around, play tug or catch, and all this helps to relieve any homebound dog’s pent up energy. This is exceedingly important as dogs who stay locked up indoors without the touch and playfulness of other friendly dogs around the vicinity might show aggressive behavior towards their owners. As they say, a tired pup is a good pup, because they are happiest when they have released all their pent up energy.

2. Mental stimulation

Catching up with old friends and making new ones is a treat for dogs. This is the true meaning of socializing for dogs, as interacting with their kind helps to fulfill their psychological needs and provides mental stimulation. Dogs learn to behave like others of their breed by watching and playing around their friends, and just like with humans, seeking out old friends and making new friends is a great way to stay mentally stimulated.

3. Developing confidence

As with humans, dogs love the challenges that they get into with their friends on their morning and evening strolls. Instead of pulling your dog away from others, it will be better for your dog’s confidence to be allowed to learn by interaction from an early age. Learning as you go along is a part of growing up, and many times, dog maturity depends upon the level of socializing they have been accustomed to. The more social your dog is, the higher it’s confidence and level of happiness will be.

At Dog Day Afternoon, we provide quality dog daycare and schooling, where they learn to socialize and interact with other dogs. If your dog is having trouble interacting with others like him, give us a call at 703-779-1333 and we guarantee a complete turn around in your dog’s level of confidence and behavior.