Teaching your dog new tricks can be useful to keep them mentally stimulated and teach them to obey your command. Some tricks are more than just fun; some can help at the vet or other situations. Check out these basic tricks.

Shake– This can help make it easier to cut their nails because you don’t have to wrestle to grab their paws. This could also help your vet get a good look at their feet or make it easier to dry their wet or dirty paws.

Belly up– This is the perfect position for belly scratches! Whether it’s belly scratches, brushing their belly, or having it checked out at the vet, belly up is excellent.

Sit– Sit is a basic command that is good for everything. If you want them to sit to put on a collar or a leash or stop jumping, teaching them to sit is the key.

Stay– This trick can help keep them safe or make them wait for food or a treat. This can help them from running into the street or help teach patience.

Come– If your dog is being naughty or straying too far, teaching them to come when called could be a lifesaver.

Quiet– If your dog likes to bark way too often, teaching them to quiet down could come in handy. It will also keep your neighbors happy!

Go to bed– If your pet has a specific place, they sleep every night, teach them to go there when it’s time to go to sleep for the night. This will help them know when it’s time to quiet down and not have a crazy pup all over the house.

Training your dog can be difficult if you aren’t consistent or not sure how to do it. We offer doggy daycare services and training programs to make your pup the smartest on the block. What are some fun tricks you want to teach your dog to do?