Congrats on your new puppy! With a new puppy comes new responsibility, and many sleepless nights trying to crate and potty train the pup. If you’re at a loss on where to start potty training, try these tips.

Set a routine

Pets thrive on schedules and set routines. If you can set a time to eat, play, and go to the bathroom, you can teach them that certain things get done at certain times.

To begin, you need to take your puppy out every few hours. Their bladders are small, so they can’t go longer than two hours. It’s important to stick to this schedule so that you have minimal accidents in your home.

A good standard is to take him outside right after they wake up or eat or drink. That way, you train them to go at those specific times.

Use a crate when you’re away.

You don’t want to let your new pup wander your house when you’re not home. They could tear things up or eat something bad for them. They could also wind up using the potty somewhere in your house.

This can also help with crate training. Time spent in the crate, whether while you’re home or gone, can help them get used to being in there.

Always supervise

When you take your dog outside, make sure you can see them at all times. This ensures you make sure they actually use the bathroom while they’re out there. Supervising can keep them safe, out of trouble, and out of the road.

Use rewards

Rewarding their behavior helps them realize they are doing a good thing when they use the bathroom outside. Puppies thrive on rewards and praise!

Potty training can be difficult, tiring, and a long process. But it does happen! Your puppy will be using the bathroom outside before you know it! Accidents happen, but take them in stride and keep going with the training process!