The massive dip in temperature and the cold breeze of winter doesn’t only hit us; it also gets to our little furry friend, no matter how thick or heavy their coat of fur is. But you don’t need to worry because we’re here to suggest easy ways to keep your little pooch warm and cozy during the winter.

Take Them Out for Shorter Walks

The fur on their body doesn’t effectively protect them against the cold every second; therefore, no dog should spend long hours outside during the winter. Indoor exercises and short outdoor walks during the winter season can help them get all of their energy out.

Give Them a Bed inside the House

Not all dogs are meant to stay outside in the cold, especially at night time. Therefore, you must give them a little warm bed inside the house. If it gets too frosty outside, cover them with a blanket also.


Provide your dog with a thick blanket. There should be enough blankets on your dog’s bed to keep him warm. Wool blankets are usually the warmest. You may use an old sweater too. Either way, it is important to keep your dog nice and warm at all times, just like you would yourself.

No Ground or Floor

Keep your dog off the ground as long as you can because the floor can drastically reduce his/her body temperature. (So build something like a little bed or a wooden pallet for them). This will help keep them warm.

The Donut Ring

To maximize heat retention, place the blankets in a doughnut shape with space for your dog to curl up in its center. With protection from the cold on all sides, they won’t lose heat from any direction.

Cute Jackets & Sweaters

Make them some thick, multi-layered jackets. Jackets don’t just help style up your little friend, but also help them keep warm. You can also tap into your creative skills and make some warm jackets and sweaters from some of the old ones you have.

Hot Water Bowls

Often, the body temperature of dogs goes down when they consume meals kept in bowls that are in direct contact with the cold surface. Very cold meals may lose their nutrients and might also expose your pet to chills. So let your dog have nice, hot meals along with warm water during the frigid months.

Make sure the dog house is well insulated if your dog lives outside.
Simple things you can do to ensure that the dog house is insulated are:

• Keep the floor 5-inches above the ground and insulate it with plastic wraps (with air pockets) or straws to prevent the cold and nippy night breeze from seeping into the shelter.
• The bedding needs to be above the layer of insulation to curtail drafts.

Keep their Paws Warm

Winters can be tough on your pup’s paws. When you go out to the store, make sure to shop for some dog shoes and socks. There are several dog booties available for different paw sizes. Look up the best shop and get your little pup some cute colorful shoes for their paws.

It is important to keep an eye on your furry friend’s temperature. Sometimes dreadful winters can put a heavy toll on the health and well being of your dog. Follow the above measures just as long as winter fades so that you and your dog can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in spring again!