Gifts stacked under the Christmas tree, and the best present of all is an adorable puppy? While this may be the most delightful Christmas for you, a new puppy requires a lot of care and attention. After you do away with ribbons and bows, you have a new challenge at hand. Proper dog training is essential for the first few months. Read on to learn the top three tips to start your pup’s training off on the right foot.

#1 Basic Training
A two months’ old pup is ready to learn basic yet valuable skills such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Due to their short attention span, make sure to keep your dog’s training sessions brief and reward good behavior. Be gentle and patient with your newest family member, and you will be thankful when it pays off in the long run. Feel free to use treats to motivate your four-legged friend to perform tasks. As a pup owner, you may also seek formal dog training and advanced obedience classes to help your furry companion learn essential life skills.

#2 Crate Training
Crate training is one of the best ways to enable your dog to settle in your home. Allow your puppy to adjust to his new schedule, and soon, he will be able to predict bathroom breaks and nap time, making your life simpler. Make sure to sit near the crate for a while before leaving your pup in it. A great way to allow him to love his crate is to choose to feed your puppy from the crate. As soon as your dog sees his kennel as a place of comfort and security, he will be happy to spend time there when required.

#3 Socialization
Introduce your puppy to new animals, people and situations. Socializing puppies is best between three and twelve weeks of age. Try to help your furry friend have a healthy attachment to other animals and people. Get him acquainted with different types of environments, sights, smells, and noises. Each time you introduce him to a new stimulus, give him treats to facilitate a positive experience. You can also find day school programs that provide time for socialization with other dogs and teach a positive outlet for energy release.

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