Everyone loves pets. They are your best friend and a member of the family. It can be challenging to know where to go to get your next dog. If you’re trying to weigh the pros of adopting or going to a breeder, let us help make the decision a little clearer.


– Adopting is an excellent option because you are giving a pet another chance at life. You get to bring them home to a loving family where they don’t have to know pain ever again.
– You can get an older dog if you’re not up for the work that a puppy brings.
– You’ll get a good deal. Shelter dogs aren’t nearly as expensive as breeder dogs. This could be a more cost-effective option if you don’t want to spend that much money.

– The same pro of possibly getting an older dog could also be a con. If you search for a puppy, it can be hard to find one you want in a shelter.
– Your new pup could have past behavioral issues that are hard to retrain. Not all shelter dogs have behavior problems, but it can be hard to retrain years of abuse if they do.


– If you’re searching for a younger dog, this is the place. You can find almost any kind of puppy you want.
– There are no behavior problems to deal with. You can raise and train your dog the way you want to. This can be especially appealing for families with small children.
– You can watch the puppy grow up. You get to be there for their entire life and make sure they are safe and protected.

– Breeders have a bad stigma because there are a lot of bad people out there. Puppy mills are notorious for putting money over the health of their dogs. Your puppy could have lifelong health issues because of this.
– You have to thoroughly do your research to make sure you aren’t supporting one of these terrible puppy mills.

Overall, what you decide to do is your choice. But, make sure you research to make the most informed decision possible. When you get that adorable dog, don’t forget to check out our training programs!