Whether your dog sleeps on the couch, your bed, or in a bed of their own, finding the perfect dog bed is necessary for them to have a space of their own. There are several things to consider if you want to find the ideal comfortable, right size bed.

How much cushion do you need?

If you have an older dog, they might need a more comfortable, plush bed. This can ease the strain on their bones and joints and make them feel better. There are orthopedic and memory foam options you can choose from! They are cozy and offer the support they need to sleep great!

Is faux fur the right choice?

If you have a cuddly dog, a bed covered with fake fur can make them feel snuggled and mimic their mother’s coat. There are beds with firm and soft spots that can make it feel like they are cuddling right against their mother or other dogs.

House beds

Does your dog like to be tucked away and have a place to hide from the rest of the family? There are beds shaped like little igloos, pineapples, and little houses where your dog can cuddle into and feel protected. These beds offer a bit of privacy and seclusion that some dogs prefer.

Soft or hard bed?

The previous suggestions have been soft beds, but elevated beds have a canvas-like fabric similar to a trampoline. It can hold your dog without sagging and is virtually chew-proof!

The process to find the perfect dog bed might take some trial and error until you find a bed your dog loves. But, it is possible! Finding the perfect home base for your pup can help them feel safe and comfortable in their space.