Play is serious business for dogs, so finding the perfect toy is essential! There are a few factors to determine how to find the best type of toy!


How big is your dog? You don’t want a massive toy for a tiny dog.


Puppies need softer toys that they can chew on while they grow and get their adult teeth in. After they are done teething, you can look for more entertaining and interactive toys.


Make sure the toys you choose are non-toxic in case your dog ingests parts of the toy.

Those are the factors to consider when trying to decide on a toy type. The following are a few types of toys to look at!

Teeth cleaning toys

Does your dog have chronic bad breath? Well, these toys can help. They are usually made of solid rubber that your dog can’t destroy and will help remove a thin coating from your dog’s teeth. This can help with stinky breath.

Chew toys

Most often, these toys have a squeaker to make them entertaining to chew on. They are usually made of latex to last much longer than regular toys.

Treat toys

Some toys are in the shape of balls or tubes that can be used for training. You stick a treat in, and the dog will smell it, and you can teach him whatever trick you want!

Tug of war toys

If your dog likes pulling, these rope toys are a good fit. This can be a good toy for you to play with your dog or other dogs to play with together. They are often made of rope, leather, or strong rubber.

There are so many options to choose from when looking for the perfect dog toy. It might even be easiest to bring your dog into the local pet store and let him choose one for himself! Whatever you end up picking, have fun playing!