Dog Breeds That Are Known For Being Good Family Dogs

For every dog lover, welcoming a new dog into your home is similar to welcoming a new family member. It is a rewarding experience that comes with a lot of responsibility and should not be taken lightly.The best way to go about it is by doing proper...

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How To Care For A New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy in your home can change your life forever! These adorably cute four-footed beings bring so much joy, energy, and love into your world that you will find yourself getting overwhelmed by it. However, be warned, this new addition to your...

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How To Prepare Your Puppy For Christmas

Christmas is almost here! No doubt it is an exciting time for you and your family to come together and enjoy the festivities. However, you must not forget that all the hustle and bustle can easily frighten your puppy and make them uncomfortable. It is your...

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pup

Festivities are just around the corner, and you may be wondering what you can paws-sibly get for your loved ones. Of course, that includes your little four-footed buddy! Pups are easy to please! Even an empty carton can make your puppy joyous and playful....

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How And Why You Should Socialize Your Puppy

The environment your puppy grows up in determines and shapes his or her nature as an adult dog. For every puppy, the best time to introduce him or her to the world outside is during 8-16 weeks of age. At this tender age, puppies can adopt the social skills...

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5 Fun Facts About Your Pup

Dogs are human’s best friends. We treat them like our children and baby them like no other. While you may think you know everything about your dog, do you know these 5 facts? Your toddler and dog have a similar IQ They can speak the same language! Your dog...

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How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Your dog’s hygiene is just as crucial in keeping your dog healthy as it is for you. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, most dogs show signs of periodontal disease at the age of three. The early indication of the condition is usually bad...

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How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Baby

Your dog is your baby. It can be hard to bring a real baby home and teach your pup to share the attention after being the only "child" for so long. For a comfortable meeting and transition, it's important to prepare beforehand. Doing so can make your dog's...

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Why Obedience Classes Are Good For Your Puppy

Blog Why Obedience Classes Are Good For Your Puppy Obedience school is an excellent way to encourage good behavior in your young dog. While it's recommended that you start training your puppy between 8-12 weeks, most people start around 6-12 months. It is best to...

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3 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog

Blog 3 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog Whether you decide to train your dog yourself or enroll in one of our training programs, it is essential that your dog receive some training. Your pup needs to be taught basic obedience rules and tricks to live a fun-filled...

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